Incoming First-Year Students: Have You Finished the Common Read?


每年,维思的重要的第一年(First Year Matters项目为新生提供共同阅读体验和进入维思学术生活的引导。今年,2021届新生的统一阅读是由麦克阿瑟基金会天才奖获奖诗人克劳迪亚兰金(Claudia Rankine)所著的《Citizen: An American Lyric兰金博士于过去的5月份在维思大学发表了毕业典礼演说,并将于9月份新生入学培训时重返校园。

Citizen》挑战读者质疑自己对种族、身份和公民归属的预先假设。学生事务副校长麦克惠利(Mike Whaley)形容这本散文和诗歌为关于边缘化或少数身份者体验世界的微妙方式的有力观察,特别是通过微侵略。


Each year Wesleyan’s First Year Matters (FYM) program provides new students with a common reading experience and introduction to intellectual life at Wesleyan. This year’s Common Read for the class of 2021 is Citizen: An American Lyric, by MacArthur Foundation Genius grant–winning poet Claudia Rankine. Dr. Rankine delivered Wesleyan’s commencement address this past May and will return to campus during New Student Orientation in September.

Citizen challenges readers to question their own assumptions about race, identity and civic belonging. Vice President for Student Affairs Mike Whaley describes the book of prose and poetry as a “powerful collection of observations about very subtle ways in which people with marginalized or minoritized identities experience the world, particularly through microaggressions.”

We are enthusiastic about introducing Rankine’s work to the members of the Class of 2021, and we hope the larger Wesleyan community (and beyond!) will join us in reading, reflecting on and discussing Citizen. Learn more: